SECI is a partner of ASG Power, a Swiss energy consortium in an
Albania energy project and has also participated in consortiums
that plan to acquire telecommunication properties in the
Southeast European region.  

SECI is a representative of Nortel Corporation in the countries of
Southeast Europe Countries excluding Greece.

SECI is an international associate of IGI New York, a US
consulting firm with a significant number of very experienced
consultants in the fields of Government, PR and

SECI’s strong relationships with Governments and business
leaders in the countries of Southeast Europe put it in an ideal
position to understand available telecommunication and energy
opportunities in this region and advise or react accordingly.

SECI currently has a team of regional senior managers with
significant experience in the telecommunications industry. It is
currently working with Nortel Inc. to expand the existing
relationship by establishing sales and services offices in Serbia,
Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia during 2007.
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